Life Stages Of Cannabis

Life Stages Of Cannabis

Vegetative: Stems and Leaves of the plant will grow.

Flowering: The plant will begin to bud out and flower.

While it seems very simple, it actually is, as long as the grower remembers that there are only two main stages in life. The vegetative stage of life and the flowering stage that is followed by harvest.

Gender Of Plants

Each cannabis plant will have a gender. Either male or female. Approximately fifty percent of the plants will be female and fifty percent will be male. Only the female plants will produce the bud. However, don’t get rid of the male plants, they are required to pollinate the female plants. Without pollination, the plant won’t be able to produce buds.

The female plant will reveal that it’s a female at the end of the vegetative state and the start of the bud and flower stage.

Male plants will have pollen sacs however they won’t have any buds. Few male plants will have any amount of THC or cannabinoids so they likely won’t get anyone high.

Most growers toss out the male plants at this stage as they have done their job of pollinating the female plants.

In the starting of the season there isn’t any way to tell the male plant from the female plants. The plants will look identical until they reach the bud stage. Even science isn’t able to find a way to tell them apart until they begin to bud.

Most growers want to know the gender of the plants quickly so that they can promptly remove male plants before they contaminate the female plants.

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