Houyi Lighting Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Application in the Cultivation of Clivia

Clivia (scientific name: Clivia miniata), alias Flag Leaf Lycoris radiata large leaves, Amaryllidaceae Clivia is a genus of ornamental flowers. Native to southern of Africa, is a perennial herb, flowering up to 30-50 days, mainly in winter and spring, the flowering is from  New Year's Day to the Spring Festival , avoid hard light, semi-shade plant, like cool, avoid high temperatures. Clivia with high ornamental value, is the city flower of Changchun City, it often potting in the greenhouse for ornamental in China, the life of Clivia is several decades or longer. So how to grow it in the greenhouse? Houyi Lighting would like to share our cultivation experience. 

Clivia growth temperature for 15-25 ℃, lower than 5 ℃ , it will stop growing. Like fertile,  well-drained soil and moist soil, avoid dry environment, while giving certain lighting conditions, meet illumination requirements of photosynthesis and flowering. Under the high light, flowering short, the color of flowers is brightly; under the low light, color is dim. Lighting is too long, too high or lighting insufficient, it will influence nutrient accumulation and manufacturing, so they can not flowering. Therefore, for greenhouse cultivation, use LED grow light to lighting , we must control the light intensity, can not be too strong nor too weak, while strictly controlling the illumination time, not too long nor too short, so let the Clivia in a suitable lighting conditions to growth.

Suitable temperature also has effect on flowering of Clivia,temperature is too high, the time of root hairs is very short, absorb water and fertilizer features greatly diminished, will let Clivia appear semi-dormant; if the temperature under 10 ℃, also cause growth was inhibited; the temperature of growth stage should be controlled at 15 ℃ -25 ℃, flowering stage should be 15 ℃ -20 ℃. It is necessary to note for selecting the plant lamps , if use traditional high-pressure sodium lamp, metal halide light, emitting temperatures will be relatively high, so need pay attention to ensure the normal operation of the cooling system. If use Houyi full spectrum grow light, don’t worry about the cooling system, because there are fans inside light fixture. And installed the unique sunflowers radiator, easy to install, simple to use and energy efficient.

Houyi Lighting full-spectrum light according Clivia plant growth habit, providing the ideal environment for the growth of Clivia and adjusting in different stages of growth, control the illumination time and illumination intensity. Through Houyi constantly experiments show that use Houyi full spectrum grow light to lighting, Clivia yield and quality has significantly improved.

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