2016 Led Bar Grow lights HOT Sale
Key benefits
(1)Controlled, uniform, high-quality (young) plant output
(2)Proven for different growth characteristics, including full spectrum versions
(3)Less heat radiation, so ideal for conditioned environments
(4)Ideal for multilayer installations
(5)Energy savings of up to 75% compared to fluorescent tubes
Led Bar Grow lights Product pictures: 

Apllication pictures: 

Features :
(1)Waterproof drivers, lights with IP67.
(2)Secondary LENs applied, high intensity.
(3)Brand Epiled 3w leds and high quality drivers.
(4)accept custom spectrum. 
(5)180° adjustable brackets, 
(6)Size&power: 60cm-54w, 90cm-81w, 120cm-108w
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