2015 Best sell 800w COB reflector cup led grow light for commercial crop
Patented COB led grow lights

Integrated COB (Brand new 3W Epileds)+90 degree Reflective Cup+ Best Light Proportion+ Perfect Solution of Heat Dissipation
Most suitable for plants growth, bring a 15% increase in the yield
Your plants will thank you for this gift! 

Advantages of Our Patented COB LED Grow Light

1.Bring a 15% increase in the yield.According to our customer feedback )

2.Patented unique design of reflective cup for higher light-gathering effect !

   Higher PAR value and Lux value than normal LED grow light, reducing light and par vlaue loss and providing better growing environment for plants. Helps fast growing of plants and improve -ment on output, optimize the investment return of commercial plant growing.

3.We  hold core technology of integrated COB, ensuring superior quality and strong stability.

   The adoption of integrated COB effectively improves color uniformity and luminous efficiency ! Let plants enjoy a better absorption of lights than normal LED grow lights, then the output and the growth speed of plants are radically improved.

4. The isolated power source will cut the too strong current and protect the chips.

    One light with eight isolated power sources, high working stability, good protection to the chips.

5. Sunflower radiator heat dissipation system,effectively improves the heat-sinking effect.

    The temperature at the bottom of the chips is lower than 48°C under the help of our unique sunflower radiator.Ensures the light work in very good condition and enjoys longer lifespan.

6. Unique Power-Link function,more easier to use and reduce nuch labor cost.

    The Power-Link function, allowing you to connect multiple lights in a series, getting the high power in total. Gone are the days of the power strips and bulky power cords cluttering up your garden.

7. Zero Maintenance Cost, Hassle-free Warranty.

    When there is led chip or power source defective, users just need use a screwdriver to disassemble and replace, within 3 minutes to finish the replacement.

8.After continual testing and upgrading, we finally find the best spectrum and color ratio for the plants.

   Our lights are good for all stages of plant growth , especially for the flowering and fruiting stages(IR LEDs involved to stimulate cell?division and increase the yield.)

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