Houyi COB led grow lights VS Copies in Market(2)
The adoption of latest integrated COB of LEDs effectively improves color uniformity and luminous efficiency !
Houyi takes the lead in adopting imported high-power integrated COB LED in led grow light industry, it creates best color uniformity and highest luminous efficiency, every leaf effectively receives the well-distributed mixed light, which is not possible for high power LED grow light with single 1W, 3W or 5W, our design is conducive to the growth, budding and high output of planting, The plants enjoys a better absorption of lights because of better even-distributed lights and much higher luminous efficiency than normal led grow light, then the output and speed of growth of plants are radically improved.

1600w high power full spectrum led grow lights 

The parameter of 1600W LED grow lights:
• White painted casing Dimension: 560mmx560mmx97mm 

Really Epileds High Power 3w LED 

• Use regular chips, lower voltage, lower consumption,particularly bright
• LED quantity: 16pcs (32*3w chip on board)
• LED output Power:1600W 
• view Angle: 90 degree Reflector 
• Actual Power Consumption: 900+-3%W
• LED High Efficiency Optimized for PAR, Extremely Sufficient Lights Spectrum, Super Light Penetration   

Bands for Indoor Plants Growth & Flower

Spectrum of Light: 
10pcs 640nm 12pcs 660nm 
3pcs 470nm 3pcs 440nm 
2pcs 610nm 1pcs 525nm 
1pcs 730nm 

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