Why Choose Multi-band Spectrum LED Grow Lights?
The light, as an important environmental factor in plant growing, is the sole source of external energy and influence much on growth of plants.
Different wavelength of led grow light in visible spectrum has different effect on the photosynthetic of plant, it is because different chlorophylls and carotenoids only capture and absorb certain specific wavelength of light in visible spectrum.

Dark red 650~660nm, 620-630nm - the best spectrum for plant flowering and fruiting; 
Blue 430-440nm, 450-460n - It is maximum peak points for vegetative growth and absorption; 
Orange 610-615nm -  it meets lower nm rating to make leaf larger and the flowers more brilliant as well as attract insects" pollination for raising fruiting; 
White LEDs - Full-spectrum / wide-Kelvin provide fill for all missing spectrums and add Lux. 
UV 380 - 400 nm - Process of chlorophyll absorption begins. UV (ultraviolet) has the unique function of sterilization and kills phytopathogenic bacteria. 
IR- There is little absorption by Chlorophyll here, but Phytochrome uses a nice portion. Flowering and germination is influenced. 

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