Patented High Power COB led grow light
Shenzhen Houyi lighting Co.,Ltd adopts integrated COB and reflective cup in the field of led grow light firstly and revolutionarily. This super COB LED grow lights enjoy big advantages over normal LED grow light in many levels, such as design,technology, quality standard, function, usage, maintenance, after-sales service, and competitive price, which offer more benefits for any individual buyer, agent or distributor in the markets.

The Advantages of COB led grow light:
Patented COB &Reflective cup reduces the light loss and makes the plant enjoy fastest growth and maximum yield, only provided by Houyi Lighting..
Aluminum sunflower radiator with good heat dissipation which is beneficial to extend lifespan, which is a basis for high power grow lights, such as 1800w led grow light.
One switch(on/off) control two powers, easy to maintenance.
Increases the harvest by over 15% under the same power condition compared with UFO LED Grow Light.
Unique design at the most competitive price, patented products.
Full spectrum, suitable for different stages of the plant.
Perfect for the commercial cultivation/commercially grow/commercial planting
CE, RoHS, FCC certificates approved. Thoughtful after-sales service. 
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