LED Aquarium Light With Wifi Controlled By Cellphone or Tablet

Control your Aquarium Lighting from your phone or tablet! Houyi WIFI controller is An APP-enabled(Android/IOS).WIFI-connected device that simulate real world locations for realistic weather effects, sunrise/sunset, moon phases and more.It is not only the WIFI controller of aquarium lights, and is a portable wireless router that no router configuration neces...

RGB LED Underwater Light

We select high power LED lamp to create maximum brightness, it ensures the perfect lighting effect of swimming pool or public/private fountain; Our company adopt famous brand LED chip effectively enhances the longer life time of underwater led lights; Houyi unique PCB design and systematic control of LED provides a better working condition. ...

COB LED Grow Light

Our super Cheap LED Grow Light adopts the latest integrated COB technology for best color uniformity, and our patent design of professional optical reflector creates best Par value, which makes the plant enjoy fastest growth and maximum yield, it received immense positive feedback and recognition among thousands of growers and distributors....

Intelligent LED Aquarium Lights

In the aquarium water, light is the source of life, lacking of it can not be completed or maintenance of any life. Daylight zones: 0-3 m below sea level ,50,000-30, 000Lux. In the optical band: 3-6 meters below sea level ,20,000-10, 000Lux. Low-light-level zones: 6-30 m below sea level ,1000-500Lux....

App of cellphone or tablet controlling led aquarium light

Scan QR code to get the app with your iphone or ipad futhermore,you can download the app from link: www.ledaquagrow.com/Public/Uploads/file/20140513/AqDimM.apk We offer two ways to install the app of led aquarium lights controller for IOS customer and Android customer,it's will be very easy and free to control our led aquarium lights wiith the app,wif...

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