Why Choose Multi-band Spectrum LED Grow Lights?

The light, as an important environmental factor in plant growing, is the sole source of external energy and influence much on growth of plants. Different wavelength of led grow light in visible spectrum has different effect on the photosynthetic of plant, it is because different chlorophylls and carotenoids only capture and absorb certain specific wavelengt...

How about the performance of LED grow light compared with traditional HID/HPS lighting?

LED grow lights cost more money to front, but you will save about 50% power consumption of the light, cooling costs (very expensive in the summer) and annual bulb replacement. Follow the guidelines for recommended coverage area, and your LEDs will impress you with their yield. Comparing with HPS/MH bulbs LED grow light will reduce much heat output, and al...

High quality Apollo LED grow light with best competitive price

The series of Apollo led grow lights: 90W Apollo led grow lights, 180W Apollo led grow lights, 270W Apollo led grow lights, 400W Apollo led grow lights. Features: • High Efficiency Optimized for PAR, Extremely Sufficient Lights Spectrum, Super Light Penetration • Plants grow faster and flower bigger: Enhanced spectral output covering full PAR (440-660nm...

Classical 3W led grow lights

Houyi super LED Grow Light adopts first rate high power 3W LED for good Par value, which makes the plant enjoy fastest growth and maximum yield, with our good quality assurance and after-sales service, we received immense positive feedback and recognition among thousands of growers and distributors. Hot sell model:300w led grow light, Dimmable 300w led grow...

Patented High Power COB led grow light

Shenzhen Houyi lighting Co.,Ltd adopts integrated COB and reflective cup in the field of led grow light firstly and revolutionarily. This super COB LED grow lights enjoy big advantages over normal LED grow light in many levels, such as design,technology, quality standard, function, usage, maintenance, after-sales service, and competitive price, which offer m...

HongKong International Lighting Fair 2014[Autumn Exhibition]

Booth No.: 5C-E25 Exhibiton time: from Oct. 27th, 2014 to Oct. 30th, 2014 website:http://www.hktdc.com...

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