Advantages of Houyi Super LED Grow Lights(7)

High Quality Standard:Customer’s satisfaction and long-term business relationship comes from our always pursuit of reliable products by high quality standard materials ! Adopting high power LED for higher brightness, creating better color uniformity, more suitable for planting; ◆ Always use branded LED chip (Epistar, Bridgelux, etc) for better stability an...

Advantages of Houyi Super LED Grow Lights(6)

Unique power cord design in daisy-chain connection, more easier to use and reduce much labor cost: Thanks to unique but convenient cross-connection by daisy-chain power cord design, Houyi LED grow light is more easy and convenient to use than normal LED grow light when there is a connection of many grow lights,reducing much labor and other costs related; O...

Advantages of Houyi Super LED Grow Lights(5)

Flexible use of light units by unique power group combination, higher efficiency of energy utility: 1.Houyi LED grow light adopts new combination of power supplies, two sets of power group control in one grow light makes it more easy but convenient to allocate light units for different special requirement of planting, offering a new flexible option for user...

Advantages of Houyi Super LED Grow Lights(4)

Higher stability, less mal-function rate and easier maintenance: 1.Houyi LED grow light is the first to adopt one-to-one corresponding control of each light source by a separate power supply, it effectively guarantees the stable working of led grow light even there is a broken of light unit; 2.Houyi unique one-to-one corresponding control mode largely rele...

Advantages of Houyi Super LED Grow Lights(3)

The best solution of heat dissipation of sunflower radiator: 1.A perfect solution of heat-dissipation system matters much to prolong the lifespan of LED grow light, it should be an initial consideration to any individual buyer, distributor, agent or investor who use it for growing plant or sell it in their local markets; 2.Houyi newly-designed unique sunf...

Advantages of Houyi Super LED Grow Lights(2)

LED is capable of emitting lights that are most suitable for the growth of plants, and with good group combination of LEDs for best color ratio, LED grow light can emit lights in the spectrum of wavelength that can be effectively absorbed by plants, which effectively improves the speed of growth and increase the quantity and quality of output. Strict profes...

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