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input voltage:AC85-265v
working current:0.25a~0.5a
working Frequency:50-60hz
working temperature:-20°-50°
lifespan:50000 hours
ctn package:4pcs/ctn(weight:10.5kg)
housing color:White/chinese red
G.W kg/pc:3kg/pcs
G.W kg/ctn:12kg/pcs

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Feature of Cree led grow light

1.   Original Cree chip

2.   High photosynthetic efficiency, 90% of the light can be absorbed by plants.(According to our customer feeback)But traditional high pressure     sodium lamp and metal halide lamp, only 8 to 10% of the photosynthetic

3.   We have excellent performance, high-quality products and perfect after-sales service

4.   Patented unique design of reflective cup for higher light-gathering effect !


5.  Optimized design with light and color, to provide you with a comfortable lighting environment


6.   Up to fifty thousand hours life, two-year warranty, to ensure the long-term safe operation. Hassle-free Warranty


7.   Reduce the breeding cost, prolong flowering , promote plant early maturity, increase production, improve the quality of melon and fruit

To ensure the greenhouse vegetables taste, anti-season cultivation                                 
Prevent diseases and insect pests of breeding, reduce the dosage of pesticide, green, pollution-free

8.  Full spectrum , led technology innovation, create the most similar light to the sunlight

Product show:


1.Bring a 15% increase in the yield( According to our customer feedback )
2.Unique power cord design in daisy-chain connection, more easier to use
  and reduce much labor cost
3.Patented unique design of reflective cup for higher light-gathering effect 
4.Unique sunflower radiator + high quality fans,effectively improves the heat-sinking effect.
5.Unique Power-Link function,more easier to use and reduce much labor cost.
6.The isolated power source will cut the too strong current and protect the chips.
7.New led technology innovation,create the most similar light as the sunlight,highquality epileds leds,long lifetime
8.Zero Maintenance Cost, Hassle-free Warranty.
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