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Product color:Rose red/White/Purple 
Power supply mode:AC110-240V
Product power:48W
Quantity of bead:24PCS
Product size:170*200*100mm
Actual power:23W
Timing:10s,30s,60s,90s low heat mode

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Features of led nail lamp HYN02-48HJQ-RR

1.Sunshine nails,comfortable eye contact,relieve burning sensation .
2.Low heat mode relieves you from pain when curing gels.
3.Double light source(365+405nm)LEDS to cure UV Gel/Builder /led Gel.
4.24pcs strategically placed LEDs, no dead-zone ,more free.
5.50000Hrs lifetime.

Advantages of led nail lamp HYN02-48HJQ-RR 

1.Environmental protection,common nail lamp is used in the uv lamp,the  ingredient  with“mercury”inside the tubes,and mercury is not environmental protection material,is extremely harmful to human body,if the bulb is broken,recycling more troublesome,increased the recovery cost.But the But the semiconductor light emitting device,no harmful substances.

2.Exclusive painless pattern,solve the problem of roasted rubber hand pain, LCD digital display. 

3.Safe,not hot,the original ordinary nail lamp,the client accidentally when using hot easily, because  the tubes in a high quantity of heat,light at the average temperature in 50-70 degrees, and some products to more than 80 degrees,once the hand of the tubes,can burn, and LED cold light source,when use not fever,even if the user with the hand to touch,it does not matter. 

4, Long service life,the service life of the ordinary nail lamp bulb commonly is 3000-5000 hours,some tubes is less than 3000 hours,so often should change bulb,more troublesome, also increased the use cost, and the service life of the LED is in commonly 35000 hours,short use of up to 50000 hours,do not need to change bulb so often trouble,saves the cost. 

5.Easy to carry,is due to the use of common nail lamp bulb,is fragile and easily damaged when carrying tubes,and LED is a solid material, will not damage for carrying. 

6,Save time,this product uses the LED nail glue.

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